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QQPETS helps you design your own brand, we specialize in the manufacture and sale of dog harness, collars and leashes, and are known in the industry for our high-quality and eco-friendly!

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Design Your Own Brand

Custom Your Brand Logo:Distinctive branding with custom logos tailored for your retail assortment, in a variety of materials and colors-from PVC, sticker, woven labels

Custom Patterns or Designs: Create your unique brand collection with bespoke patterns or choose from our ready-to-market designs.

Custom Styles: Cater to every pet brand with a wide range of customizable harness styles, from everyday wear to training gear.

MOQ: 30pcs

Experience one-stop customized service that sets your brand apart in the dog harness market. Begin your journey to distinction with us today!

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Custom Your Logo

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QQPETS was established in 2008, and is a manufacturer that specializes in producing custom dog harness, dog collars and leashes products for our customers. We have a team of experienced designers and manufacturers who are dedicated to creating High-Quality products that meet our customers’ exact requirements.

Our factory is equipped with modern, state-of-the-art equipment, allowing us to produce products with precision and efficiency. We use only high-quality eco-friendly materials in our products, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting.

We offer customization options for dog harness , dog collars and leash sets, allowing our customers to get exactly what they need. We also have a fast turnaround time, ensuring that our customers receive their orders quickly.

Our customer service team is dedicated to providing excellent service, ensuring that our customers are satisfied with every aspect of their experience with QQPETS. We provide our customers with high-quality dog collar sets and competitive prices, making them affordable for our customers.

In short, QQPETS is committed to providing our customers with high-quality, custom dog harness set, dog collars and leash sets that meet their specific needs. We are dedicated to providing excellent service and support to our customers, and we are confident that we can meet and exceed their expectations.

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If you are genuinely looking for professionals in Custom Dog Harness Manufactures, QQPETS is the best choice for finest and long-lasting product quality.

We use advanced encryption and security measures to ensure that your uploaded files are transmitted and ordered with maximum protection and privacy.

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We use advanced encryption and security measures to ensure that your uploaded files are transmitted and ordered with maximum protection and privacy.