How to find a good Dog Harness/Collar/Leash Manufacturer?

How to find a good Dog Harness/Collar/Leash Manufacturer?

Do you want to start your own dog accessories business or explore a new product line to sell dog products and now want to find a good manufacturer of dog harnesses, collars, leashes?

Then I would recommend you to choose QQPETS. QQPETS is a professional one-stop customised dog accessory manufacturer, providing customers with a full range of services from design to production and shipping. It can customise your brand logo and pattern on the products, and even create the products according to your requirements as well.

So let’s explore what items you need to check out when picking a dog harness/collar/leash manufacturer and the reasons why QQPETS dog harness manufacturer is recommended!

Where to look for a Dog Harness, Collar, Leash Manufacturer?

Finding a manufacturer is a very important step, many newbies don’t know where to look for dog parts suppliers, here are some ways to find a manufacturer:

1.Online search and B2B platforms:

  • Use search engines such as Google to enter relevant keywords such as ‘pet products manufacturer’, ‘custom dog collar manufacturer’, etc..
  • Visit B2B platforms, such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Express, etc., to search for related products and suppliers.

2.Attend trade shows:

Attend pet product exhibitions, such as Global Pet Expo and Asia Pet Expo. You can directly communicate with suppliers face-to-face and learn about their products and production capacity.

3.Use social media and professional forums:

  • Find relevant companies and practitioners on professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn.
  • Participate in pet supply industry forums to consult with other retailers and industry professionals about recommended manufacturers.

The above ways you can find many dog products suppliers, you can record them down then analyse them one by one whether they are suitable for you by the next methods.

How do I recognise a good or bad supplier?

Identifying good and bad suppliers is a critical step in ensuring that the partner you choose will deliver quality products and services. Below are a few important aspects and specific ways to assess whether a supplier is good or bad:

1.Service items

You need to check or ask these manufacturers if they can provide the services you want and if there will be a limit to the number or products of these services. For example, MOQ for customised products.

Most of the manufacturers offer customisation services to customise your brand logo and pattern, usually the MOQ is between 50-100 pieces per size per pattern, sometimes the MOQ varies depending on the product.QQPETS also offers customisation services and is also very small business friendly, the MOQ for most of the products is only 30 pieces per size per pattern. Best of all, if you’re short on staff or cash, QQPETS can help you photograph and create product images. This is a service that many other manufacturers cannot offer.

2.Company qualifications and certifications:

  • Check the supplier’s qualification documents such as business licence, ISO certification, export licence, etc. to make sure they are legally compliant.
  • Check if they have quality management system certification, such as ISO 9001.

The most important thing is actually to see if this manufacturer has the credentials you want or the state requirements need. For example, BSCI certificate is required for EU countries. QQPETS has a complete and multi-tested quality management system certification, not only has ISO9001 certificate, BSCI certificate, TUV certificate and SGS certificate of factory qualification certificates, but also has CE certificate, OEKO certificate, IDFL certificate of product qualification certificates, etc. QQPETS is a very important product quality of the business, and can be used in the market. We are committed to producing products that satisfy our customers.

3.Product quality and sample evaluation:

  • Request samples to personally assess the quality, materials and workmanship of the products.
  • See if their products meet relevant international and regional quality standards.

Before ordering the product you can ask the manufacturer to send you some samples, you can directly check if the quality and material of the product is what you want. You can also test the sturdiness of the product yourself if you have a dog. This can also pick some qualified dog harness factory out for you.

4.Production capacity and equipment:

  • Understand the supplier’s production scale, equipment situation and technical level to ensure its ability to meet your order requirements.
  • Visit their factories and examine the production lines and processes on the spot.

If you can’t judge, you can also visit the factory on the spot or ask the dog collar manufacturer to make a video call with you to show you the factory directly.QQPETS has 5000 square metres of factory area with a monthly production capacity of over 100,000 pieces. Its production efficiency is also on the top level of the industry.

5.Experience and reputation:

  • Find out about the supplier’s experience in the market, especially if they have experience working with well-known brands.
  • Check customer reviews and feedback, and learn about their reputation through third-party platforms or by contacting other customers directly.

Another important point in selecting a dog leash manufacturer is to investigate customer reviews and feedback. You can check the reviews and feedbacks of other customers through B2B platforms, industry forums, social media and other channels to know the supplier’s market reputation. If most of the feedbacks are positive comments, then the reputation of this merchant in the industry won’t be too bad.QQPETS has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and has worked with customers in more than 100 countries, and currently has more than 2,000 stable brand customers.

6.Communication and service:

  • Smooth communication: ensure that suppliers are able to communicate in a timely and accurate manner. Language barriers and time difference issues need to be considered in advance.
  • After-sales service: Confirm that the supplier can provide good after-sales service, including return and exchange policy and quality complaint handling.

It is a very important point that suppliers are able to communicate positively and accurately in a timely manner. When the order has some problems you need to see whether the supplier is positive to deal with these problems, if he is positive then you can continue to co-operate, after all, it is not possible to every order is always 100 per cent problem-free. To summarise it is the attitude of the supplier towards you. Of course, most suppliers treat their customers in a friendly manner.

7.Sample and small batch order trial run:

  • Small-volume trial order: Before placing a large-volume order, a small-volume trial order can be run to verify its production quality and deliverability.
  • Sample retention: Samples are kept for future quality comparisons to ensure that the quality of the high volume product is consistent with the samples.

As mentioned above, a small trial order can be made to verify its production quality and deliverability before placing a large order. This will ensure that you won’t lose too much when this supplier is not reliable.

8.Logistics and supply chain management:

  • Logistics capability: Confirm that the supplier has reliable logistics channels and understand its delivery process and timing.
  • Supply Chain Stability: Understand the supplier’s raw material supply chain to ensure that they do not have problems with raw material supply that could affect delivery.

It mainly depends on whether the logistics company co-operating with the manufacturer is a big logistics company, such as DHL, Fedex, UPS and other logistics companies. This kind of big name company will have a guarantee for transport and time, which will reduce a lot of risks.

By evaluating and verifying the above multiple aspects, you can get a comprehensive understanding of the supplier’s comprehensive strength and potential for co-operation, so that you can make an informed choice. Remember, choosing a reliable supplier is not just about price, but also about its comprehensive capabilities and potential for long-term co-operation.

QQPETS is the leading wholesale dog harness manufacturer of adjustable harnesses for dogs and other items that people may use when walking their dogs. Our goal is to make dog walking easy for pet owners by providing valuable accessories. We offer a variety of customization services including custom logos, custom graphics, custom products and more. If you want to start your dog products business, check out our website and contact us today.

FAQ about dog harness

How Do I Find a Good Dog Harness?

To find a good dog harness, consider the following:

  • Fit and Adjustability: Measure your dog accurately and choose a harness that fits well, with adjustable straps to accommodate changes in size or weight.
  • Purpose and Use: Identify the primary use of the harness (walking, training, hiking, etc.) and select a type that suits those activities, such as a no-pull harness for training or a padded harness for comfort during extended wear.
  • Comfort and Safety: Look for a harness with padding to prevent chafing and ensure it distributes pressure evenly to avoid strain on the neck or back.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Read user reviews and consult with your veterinarian or a professional trainer for recommendations based on your dog’s breed, size, and behavior.

What Harness Do Vets Recommend?

Veterinarians typically recommend harnesses that:

  • Distribute Pressure Evenly: Such as those with a front-clip design to discourage pulling or a back-clip for well-trained dogs.
  • Are Easy to Use and Adjust: Harnesses that are straightforward to put on and take off, and that can be adjusted for a snug, comfortable fit.
  • Support Medical Needs: For dogs with respiratory or neck issues, vets might suggest a harness that avoids pressure on the throat, like a Y-shaped or vest-style harness.

What Kind of Dog Harness Is Best?

The best dog harness depends on your dog’s specific needs:

  • No-Pull Harnesses: Ideal for dogs that pull, often featuring a front-clip design that redirects the dog toward you when they pull.
  • Padded Harnesses: Best for comfort, particularly for active dogs or those with sensitive skin, with padding around the chest and back.
  • Step-In Harnesses: Suitable for dogs that prefer not to have harnesses pulled over their heads, offering easy wearability.

What Is the Best Material to Make a Dog Harness Out Of?

The best material for a dog harness can vary based on use and comfort, but common choices include:

  • Nylon: Durable, lightweight, and easy to clean, making it a popular choice for everyday use.
  • Polyester: Similar to nylon but often softer and with a wider range of patterns and colors.
  • Neoprene: Often used for padding, providing extra comfort for dogs, especially those with sensitive skin or those used in water activities.
  • Mesh: Lightweight and breathable, ideal for hot climates or active dogs to prevent overheating.

Article by

Kyra Luo

Product Design Manager

Kyra is the Product Design Manager at QQPETS, where her expertise in developing high-quality, customized pet products and keen insight into market trends has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, save money, and satisfy consumer needs.

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Kyra Luo

Product Design Manager

Kyra is the Product Design Manager at QQPETS, where her expertise in developing high-quality, customized pet products and keen insight into market trends has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, save money, and satisfy consumer needs.

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