How Big Is The Pet Collar Market?

How Big Is The Pet Collar Market?

Want dog collar market size? Looking to start a dog collar business? Let’s explore recent trends in the dog collar market!

The pet collar market is not just big; it’s colossal. By 2034, it’s projected to hit a staggering $8.5 billion globally, thanks to the booming pet population and the growing humanization of pets by their owners. This isn’t just a market; it’s a phenomenon, expanding faster than a greyhound on the track.

Let’s go ahead and check out some important information about the Dog Collars market!

So, What’s Fueling This Growth?

The trajectory of pet ownership has seen a consistent upward curve, growing from 45% of households globally in 2014 to over 60% in 2024. This increase reflects a broader trend of pets being considered an integral part of the family, with dog owners in particular willing to invest in higher-quality, technology-enhanced collars for both aesthetic and practical reasons. The emotional bond between pet owners and their dogs has translated into more conscientious purchasing behaviors, driving demand for premium dog collar products.

You might think it’s just the increase in pet ownership, right? Well, yes, but there’s more to it. Innovations in pet collars, like GPS tracking and health monitoring, have transformed these simple neckbands from mere ID holders to tech-savvy gadgets.

Imagine telling someone twenty years ago that you could track your dog’s fitness levels through their collar. They’d probably look at you like you just stepped out of a sci-fi novel. Yet, here we are, in an era where pet collars can do just that and more. It’s a booming market, fueled by pet parents’ desire to keep their furry family members safe, healthy, and, let’s admit it, stylish.

What are the product trends in the Dog Collars market?

The last decade has witnessed several key trends that have reshaped the dog collar market:

  • Technological Integration: The advent of smart collars equipped with GPS and health monitoring features has revolutionized pet care, allowing owners to keep tabs on their pet’s location and well-being in real time.
  • Sustainability: A growing consumer preference for eco-friendly products has seen an increase in collars made from sustainable materials, such as recycled plastics and organic fabrics.
  • Customization: The desire for personalized products has led to a surge in custom-made collars, offering a range of designs, colors, and functionalities tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each pet and owner.

Which region has the best market?

The North American region has consistently led the market, contributing to over 35% of the global revenue in 2024, driven by high pet ownership rates and a willingness to spend on pet care. Europe follows closely, with a strong focus on sustainability and pet safety. The Asia-Pacific region, however, has shown the fastest growth, with a CAGR of 12.3% from 2014 to 2024. This growth is largely due to increasing pet adoption rates and rising disposable incomes, making it a key area of opportunity for dog collar manufacturers.

What are some well-known dog collar brands?

Prominent brands such as PetSafe, Garmin, and Kong have maintained significant market shares through continuous innovation and a strong reputation for quality. However, the landscape has also welcomed new entrants like Fi and Whistle, who have disrupted the market with advanced technology features, including real-time tracking and health monitoring capabilities. The competitive landscape in 2024 reflects a blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, catering to a wide range of consumer needs and preferences.

  • PetSafe
  • Garmin
  • Kong
  • Fi
  • Whistle

What are the styles and materials of dog collars?

The diversity in dog collar types has expanded significantly, catering to various functions and styles:

Types of Dog Collars

  • Flat Collars and Rolled Collars
  • Choke Chains
  • Pinch Collars
  • Martingale Collars
  • Training Collars
  • LED Collars
  • GPS Collars
  • Reflective Collars
  • Waterproof Collars
  • Head Halters

Materials of Dog Collars

  • Nylon
  • Leather
  • Polyester
  • Neoprene
  • Metal
  • Biothane
  • Recycled Materials
  • Reflective Materials

What is the best way to market a dog collar?

Here’s a look through a few of the more recognizable brands to show you how they promote it:

  1. Kong – Kong is a well-known pet accessory brand famous for its durable toys and accessories. Kong often promotes its dog collars and other products through social media marketing and collaborations with pet influencers. They are very active on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, sharing user-generated content and entertaining pet videos to attract and retain consumer attention.
  2. Petsafe – Petsafe offers a variety of pet care products, including training collars, wireless fences, and pet doors. Their marketing strategies include search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, attracting potential customers by posting helpful pet care and training tips. Petsafe also maintains customer relationships and boosts sales through email marketing and regular promotional events.
  3. Ruffwear – Ruffwear specializes in accessories for outdoor activities and adventure travel for dogs, such as durable dog collars and backpacks. They market their products by sponsoring outdoor events and collaborating with outdoor adventurers and their pets. Ruffwear also shares pet adventure stories on their website and social media to attract pet owners who love the outdoors.
  4. Blueberry Pet – Known for its fashionable and colorful designs, Blueberry Pet enhances its brand image through social media marketing and collaborations with fashion-forward pet influencers. With interactive posts and exquisite product photography on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Blueberry Pet successfully attracts consumers interested in pet fashion.
  5. Orvis – Orvis is a high-end outdoor gear brand that also sells high-quality dog collars and pet products. Orvis attracts customers with its high-quality content marketing strategy, including detailed buying guides and pet care tips on its website. They also enhance brand loyalty through excellent customer service and customizable product options.

The global dog collar market has undergone significant evolution over the past decade, growing in complexity and sophistication. As we look to the future, the market is poised for continued innovation, with sustainability, technology, and personalization shaping the next wave of products. For brands in this space, staying attuned to consumer trends and technological advancements will be key to capturing the hearts and wallets of pet owners worldwide.


Article by

Kyra Luo

Product Design Manager

Kyra is the Product Design Manager at QQPETS, where her expertise in developing high-quality, customized pet products and keen insight into market trends has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, save money, and satisfy consumer needs.

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Kyra Luo

Product Design Manager

Kyra is the Product Design Manager at QQPETS, where her expertise in developing high-quality, customized pet products and keen insight into market trends has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, save money, and satisfy consumer needs.

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