How To Shop For A Dog Harness?

How To Shop For A Dog Harness?

Have you ever stood in a pet store, overwhelmed by the plethora of dog harnesses on display? You’re not alone. As a custom dog harness expert with years of experience under my belt, I’ve seen the look of confusion on countless faces. Choosing the right dog harness isn’t just about the color or pattern; it’s about comfort, safety, and the happiness of your furry friend.

Now, let’s dive deep into the world of dog harnesses and discover how to find that perfect fit. And yes, we’re going to have a bit of fun along the way because, let’s face it, shopping for your pup should be a joy, not a chore.

Why choose dog harness?

Now, you might be thinking, “Why a harness, and not just a simple collar?” Well, harnesses offer better control, reduce the risk of neck injury, and can help with training. They’re especially great for pullers or small dogs with delicate throats. So, yes, choosing a harness over a collar is often a wise decision for your pup’s health and your peace of mind.

How to measure the size?

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? When shopping for a dog harness, the first thing you want to consider is the fit. A good harness should fit snugly but not too tight, allowing you to slip two fingers under the straps of neck and chest. It’s crucial to measure your dog’s chest and neck before heading to the store (or hitting that online shopping cart).

  1. Neck Girth: Measure around the base of your dog’s neck, where the collar would sit. This measurement is crucial for harnesses that slip over the head. Use a soft measuring tape and ensure it’s snug but not tight. You should be able to fit two fingers between the tape and your dog’s neck.
  2. Chest Girth: This is the most important measurement for a harness. Measure around the widest part of your dog’s chest, usually right behind the front legs. Again, ensure the tape is snug but not tight, allowing for two fingers’ space.
  3. Weight: Some harnesses are sized by weight, so knowing your dog’s current weight can be helpful, especially when ordering online.
  4. Length: While not always necessary, some harness styles require a length measurement. Measure from the base of the neck (where the collar sits) to the base of the tail.


  • Use a soft measuring tape for accuracy.
  • If your dog is between sizes, choose the larger size for adjustment.
  • Consider your dog’s breed and any specific needs they might have. For example, dogs with broad chests like Bulldogs may require a different style of harness compared to slender breeds.
  • It’s helpful to check the manufacturer’s sizing guide since sizing can vary between brands.

Which material is better?

Now, onto the materials. You’ll find harnesses made from a variety of materials, including nylon, polyester, and leather. Nylon and polyester are durable and easy to clean, making them great for active dogs or those who love to roll around in the mud. Leather, on the other hand, offers a touch of class and softens over time but requires more maintenance.

Which style is better to choose?

What about style, you ask? Well, there are several to choose from:

Step-in Dog Harness

Step-in Dog Harness is great for skittish dogs.

No Pull Dog Harness

Front Clip Dog Harness

Front Clip Dog Harness is widely available and easy to fit

Soft Vest Dog Harness

Soft Vest Dog Harness provides extra comfort and support.

cat&small dog harness

Your choice should depend on your dog’s size, temperament, and activity level.

But let’s not forget about safety and comfort. Look for a harness with reflective strips if you’re a night walker. And if your dog has a thick fur coat, consider a harness with breathable material to keep them cool.

Light Up Dog Harness
LED Dog Harness
Mesh Dog Harness
Mesh Dog Harness

By now, you’re probably thinking, “All this information is great, but where do I start?” Here’s a tip: before making a purchase, read reviews, ask fellow dog owners, or even consult with your vet. They can provide valuable insights into what might work best for your dog’s specific needs.

How Can You Test the Harness?

So, you’ve found a harness that ticks all the boxes. It’s time for the ultimate test: trying it on your dog. This isn’t just about seeing if it fits; it’s about observing your dog’s reaction. A good harness should allow your dog to move freely, without any signs of discomfort or restriction.

Here’s a pro tip: once the harness is on, slip two fingers under any strap. If you can’t, it’s too tight. If you can slip more than two, it’s too loose. And watch for any signs of chafing or irritation after the first few uses. Remember, a happy dog is a happy owner.

Remember, the best harness is one that suits both your and your dog’s lifestyle. Whether you’re an avid hiker or enjoy leisurely walks around the block, there’s a harness out there that’s perfect for you.

Choosing the right dog harness doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a bit of knowledge and some careful consideration, you can find the perfect match for your furry friend. Happy harness hunting!

Now, let’s look at some visual inspiration to get you started on your quest for the perfect dog harness.

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Article by

Kyra Luo

Product Design Manager

Kyra is the Product Design Manager at QQPETS, where her expertise in developing high-quality, customized pet products and keen insight into market trends has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, save money, and satisfy consumer needs.

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Kyra Luo

Product Design Manager

Kyra is the Product Design Manager at QQPETS, where her expertise in developing high-quality, customized pet products and keen insight into market trends has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, save money, and satisfy consumer needs.

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